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5 Ways to Lower Liability and Cut Insurance Rates

first_aidThe necessary insurance coverage for a commercial building can be a large expense. Among the factors that affect the cost of a commercial insurance premium are liability. In the event that your building has an increase in claims, insurance premiums typically increase as well. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to decrease your building’s liability while simultaneously reducing insurance premiums.


  1. Make certain contractors are insured. From time to time, you may need to have maintenance work performed on your building. Always make a point to ensure that any contractor who is performing work on your property is properly insured. All contractors should have worker’s compensation, liability insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance.

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Notify Your Insurance Broker About These 3 Changes To Your Building

construction insuranceAs a busy building owner, I’m sure you’re more concerned about filling up your next apartment, closing your next deal, and getting your building refinanced than you are about notifying your insurance broker with changes to your building.

There are a few very important changes to your building that you should notify your  insurance broker about immediately. Read more

Is Building Insurance an ATM Machine? How Building Owners Keep Their Insurance Premiums Low?


Is Building Insurance an ATM Machine How Building Owners Keep Their Insurance Premiums Low

Posted by Mark Eisenberg on the Evergreen Inside

As an aggressive insurance producer I get to review and analyze the insurance policies of a lot of property owners/managers. What I have noticed is that it is typically 1 of 2 very different scenarios.

Some property managers have the same insurance policy for years, they are paying low premiums and are very happy with their broker, their policy and carrier. And then there are those who are paying premiums thru the roof, they are unhappy with their broker. They are basically unhappy with the insurance industry in general. They are just unhappy. Period.

After thoroughly analyzing the factors that cause this huge gap between the happy and the unhappy insureds I have seen a clear pattern of different methods of risk management, or perhaps it is their different perspective on the purpose of their insurance policy. Read more

Insurance for ‘Real’ – We Specialize Only in Real Estate Insurance

We at Evergreen specialize only in Real estate Insurance. By focusing on this exciting industry we have become known as the experts in Commercial Building & Landlord Insurance.

It has happened to us that existing valuable clients asked us to insure their homeowners & auto insurance. Most other insurance agencies offer all kinds of insurance so it may feel a bit uncomfortable to say that we only do insurance for investment Real Estate, but we need to remind you that this is our value over all the other traditional brokers.

Think about it, if you had a condition with your heart, would you go to your family pediatrician or would you trust a heart specialist? for your real estate insurance trust the specialist, trust Evergreen!

And if your heart doctor can also take care of your ingrown toe nail, he is probably a nice guy but most likely not a heart specialist. If your broker can do insurance for commercial buildings and your auto he doesn’t know real estate insurance like we do.

Evergreen – Insurance for Real…

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Landlord Insurance Quote?

If you’re content to be happy with any landlord insurance quote, you’re going about things all wrong!

Instead, you need to make sure that your quote comes with these 3 things:


Your landlord insurance quote needs to meet your exact needs.  If that means adding certain things — like extra liability insurance — you should be able to do it quickly and easily.  No matter what situation you’re in, good landlord insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Think of it this way — if you can substitute a baked potato for fries at your local fast food joint, you should be able to make some changes to something as important as your landlord insurance quote without any trouble!

Flood insurance

In most cases, flood insurance is a completely separate entity.  You usually have to buy it all by itself — meaning you have to add one more bill to the pile every month.   There’s nothing like a “flood” of checks going out the door to make you feel terrible about your financial situation!

Luckily, though, a good landlord insurance quote will eliminate that extra headache by including affordable flood insurance in your policy.

Equipment breakdown insurance

You would probably think of this if you were getting a commercial insurance policy, but it’s vital to your residential landlord insurance, too.

Think about it — you’re got equipment that’s essential to keeping tenants in your building, paying their rent.  If the air conditioner breaks or if the refrigerator stops working (and you don’t have the money to fix them right away), tenants may be able to break their leases and move out.  If you want to keep everything running — without the risk of major repair and replacement bills hanging over your head — you need to make sure your landlord insurance quote includes equipment breakdown insurance.

If your quote leaves it out, you might be the one having a breakdown down the road!

Landlord Insurance — You’re Way Too Vulnerable Without It!

Landlords Fingers Crossed

Landlords Fingers Crossed

If you’re like most landlords, every time you get a new tenant, you cross your fingers and hope that all of those background checks and credit checks did the trick — and that your tenant is going to treat his financial obligations with respect.

But what if he doesn’t?

When you turn your keys over to someone, you don’t have to rely on finger-crossing.  Instead, you can rely on a landlord insurance policy!

With one, you’ll be covered in case something happens and you can’t collect rent.  In fact, you’ll hear people around the industry call this type of coverage “rent loss insurance”.

So, how does it work?

Let’s say your house catches on fire and can’t be lived in for a few months — and, thus, you can’t have anyone living in it and paying rent for a few months — your landlord insurance policy would kick in and pay you what you would have made from a tenant.  In some cases, landlord insurance will even reimburse you for legal expenses if you and your tenant get into some kind of dispute!

Think you can get away with not having one of these policies?

Think again!

What would you do if you missed out on even just a couple of rent payments?  If you’re like most landlords, missing rent could send you into a financial black hole.  Why leave your own financial security and credit rating in the hands of a stranger, when a simple insurance policy can protect you?  Why make yourself any more vulnerable than you need to be?

You may hate to think about worst-case scenarios, but at least you can feel better knowing that landlord insurance can be your safety net.

Hey, anything’s better than finger-crossing, right?!

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Cooperatives Yes, Condominiums No! Window Safety Guards

Window Guard Safety!

Nearly 5,000 children get injured by falling out from windows, 28% of these lead to hospitalization and about 10 children die from such falls each year. The New York Law requires every dwelling that has more than 3 families living in it to install window safety guards. Read more

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