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9 Reasons Why You Need a Broker That Only Provides Building Insurance.

A Revolution in the World of Real Estate

Since its founding, Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management has revolutionized the way landlords and building owners insure their buildings. Evergreen is a new invention that never existed before.

Evergreen is not your typical P&C (property & casualty) Insurance agency, let’s take a closer look behind the scenes of Evergreen Insurance.

  • Evergreen is the first and only insurance agency that only provides building insurance.
  • There is no other agency that specializes exclusively in building insurance. Not one!

Some advantages of having the expert in building insurance as your broker: Read more

Efficiency Is Our Middle Name

[Posted on The Evergreen Inside]

There was (almost) an incident, with one of our clients who has 3 separate accounts under the same named insured, but 3 different building locations.
Long story short: The insurance company mixed up all 3 accounts and only bound 1 policy.
Rafi (admin assistant) noticed it right away, and when he requested the binder for the 2nd account, the insurance company just sent the same 1st binder over and over again.
Rafi put in a lot of effort to get to the bottom of this and to make sure that each account is bound with the correct location, etc. Read more

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