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Four Categories of Real Estate Insurance

Four Categories of Real Estate InsuranceReal estate insurance is a topic that is vital to any successful real estate investment, yet it’s a topic that many property owners often overlook until it’s too late. In the event of a loss, whether it’s a partial or a complete loss, if your property isn’t insured properly, your business could be financially devastated. Making certain that you have the right type and sufficient amount of insurance allows you to protect against potential losses. Part of making sure that you have the right insurance is understanding the various categories of real estate insurance.

Flood Insurance Property

This type of insurance is typically only necessary if your property is located Read more


Wouldn’t it be great if insurance inspections wouldn’t result in costly recommendations with a lot of work and tight deadlines?

What if you can eliminate the inspection all together?

Evergreen has launched a Master Investors Policy (MIP) program and made it available to the average real estate investor. With this program you will benefit some great features, like:

  • No physical property inspections!! (This means no costly recommendations ever!)
  • Add and remove locations instantly online, same day.
  • You will only be billed for the amount of days you hold on to a property.
  • No early cancellation penalties.
  • The MIP program allows all types of occupancies on the same policy. Vacant, Renovations, Fully Occupied, Commercial (even bars), Residential, Mixed Use, etc.
  • No surcharge for renovations!


If you own, rehab or flip multiple buildings a year and want peace of mind, then this MIP program is for you!

For more information on the MIP program or for a free quote call us today at:

or email us at
one of our licensed agents will get back to you within 4 hours!

Queens is the next Brooklyn

My Take-away from todays “Underwriting Queens – The Next Borough of Opportunity – Breakfast Panel”

This morning I attended the “Underwriting Queens – The Next Borough of Opportunity – Breakfast Panel” by MBA of NY, sponsored by Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management.

Hosted by Loeb & Loeb, LLP in Midtown Manhattan, NY, a diverse group of real estate professions showed up at 7:45 am to listen, learn and ask about the next trend in the NY real estate market.

On the panel: Read more

Could Drones Help to Expedite Your Claims Process in the Future?

Could Drones Help to Expedite Your Claims Process in the Future?

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim, you should be fairly familiar with the process. An insurance adjuster will come to visit and assess the damage. In just a few years, however, it could be possible that an adjuster may not even need to pay a visit to your property. Instead, a drone could simply – and swiftly – be deployed to evaluate the damage. Furthermore, that drone could be flying over your property within just a few hours of the incident occurring. Read more

Insurers Crack Down On Buildings With Housing Violations

HPD violationsOwners of thousands of pre-war rental buildings in New York City with many Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) violations are seeing a sharp spike in insurance premiums and in many cases being declined for renewals and new policies, according to Izzy Green, co-founder and president of Evergreen Insurance and Risk Management which specializes in commercial real estate. Green suspects that a few insurers decided to crack down and now much of the industry is following them

When faced with a premium increase or policy decline, landlords will often hire third party specialists to help them remove the violations and get off the insurer’s blacklist, Green said.  Evergreen recently helped the owner of seven apartment buildings. “We got the violations removed and brought in another insurer who lowered the premium by $20,000”, Green said.

Evergreen recently had a commercial mortgage broker reach out to them with regard to a client that was in contract to buy a portfolio of twelve buildings in Brooklyn and Bronx. The buyer was not able to get insurance on the buildings because they had numerous HPD violations. “So far, the closing was put on hold until we find a way around this problem” the mortgage broker said.

Joel Kivelevitz, an Insurance Broker at Evergreen, shared the following story: “A loyal customer called me the other day. He had a portfolio of nine large NYC apartment buildings insured through another broker, and the customer asked me if it was normal for a carrier to significantly raise the premium on renewal due to old HPD violations – that have already been addressed but never went through the process of having them removed from the NYC Department of Buildings database? We advised the customer that if we were the agent on this account we would not let this happen to him.

With Evergreen’s vast knowledge of HPD violations and the close relationship we have with our underwriters, we worked hard to assure the carrier that the majority of the violations have been addressed and merely need the remaining paperwork to have the records removed. In addition we showed how this building owner does an outstanding job in managing all the upkeep of his buildings.

We bound a new policy with a company that offered the same coverage terms as their prior policy with a well over a 20% savings! All this was done in a mere 10 days before the renewal. This was only possible due to the teamwork, organization and structure of Evergreen Insurance Agency.”

Countless times insurance companies turn away buildings with excessive HPD violations. Since Evergreen Insurance is the expert in real-estate insurance, Evergreen knows of many sites and databases that are the most up to date to show the most accurate updates on violations that have already been addressed. We use these tools to convince the underwriters to reconsider such an account. However, “the main factor is that we’ve built an outstanding trust with our underwriters as well as with our loyal customers”, said Green.

In one of the above mentioned stories Evergreen recommended JACK JAFFA & ASSOCIATES to help their client remove the violations and they did an outstanding job.

Jack Jaffa & Associates
147 Prince Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 855-6110


About Evergreen Insurance

Headquartered in Monsey, N.Y., Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management is the only agency specializing exclusively in commercial real estate insurance. Evergreen offers insurance for landlords, buildings, condo associations, shopping malls, forced place and vacant buildings. The agency prides itself in its speed and problem-solving abilities and maintains strong relationships with underwriters at all of the major real estate insurance carriers.

Evergreen Welcomes the State of Alabama

Alabama-State-FlagEvergreen Insurance is well known in the real estate industry as ‘the experts in real estate insurance’.

Evergreen is licensed and operates in most states in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast.

We are happy to welcome the state of Alabama as our newest state to be licensed in. Now, building owners, landlords and property managers will be able to benefit from the great service and expertise Evergreen Insurance has to offer.

License No: 0691230

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Recent City Tragedies Throw Spotlight on How Building Owners Can Be Better Prepared for Disasters


harlem-fireThis month’s building explosion in Harlem killed eight people — and destroyed the lives and homes of countless more.


Just a week later flames swept through a beautiful Upper West Side brownstone as residents grabbed their pets and ran for their lives.


Luckily, this time no one died, but the four-alarm fire left many families homeless with all their possessions gone.


These two recent incidents and others have thrown a spotlight on New York City’s aging buildings and infrastructure.


Today it is more important than ever for building owners and tenants to stop and take note to make sure they are prepared when disaster hits.


For starters it is not just enough for owners to have insurance policies. It is very important that all tenants carry their own ‘renter’s policy’ (HO-4) to cover their own belongings within their apartment. Tenants’ personal contents are not covered under the landlord’s insurance policy.


A recent study shows that only 34 percent of American renters have renter’s insurance. While landlords may be well covered for their buildings, it is very painful to watch tenants left with only their clothing on their back (if they are lucky).


The biggest advantage of requiring all tenants to purchase a renters policy is that they will be less likely to sue the landlord in the event of a fire, collapse, water damage, etc.


When tenants don’t carry insurance, they often seek reimbursement for their belongings by filing suit against the landlord, which incurs significant legal expenses and endless headaches for the landlord.


Building owners should be well covered and not just go for the cheapest policy that often excludes many significant exposures that would be covered under other higher premium policies.


Here are some additional important factors to consider when reviewing coverage and comparing building insurance quotes. Read more

Building Insurance Calculator- New Feature

Own a building? Buying a building? find out in less than 30 seconds approximately how much your building insurance premium will be.

Check out the premium calculator tool we added to our website.

Dongbu Insurance Claims

Sines Dongbu Insurance Company started writing real estate insurance in NY in 2011, Evergreen insurance has become the 3rd largest writer for Dongbu in NY.

We get asked a lot from our clients as to how Dongbu is with paying claims. See below video from Len Fortgang, a public adjuster in NY for over 40 years, sharing his experience with Dongbu claims.


Hi, my name is Leny Fortgang, i’ve been a public adjuster for over 40 years.

My experiences with Dongbu Insurance have been very very successful.

I had a  claim where burglary took place,  the paid me fifty six thousand dollars.

I had a water damage clothing store where they paid me two hundred fifty seven thousand dollars.

I had real estate claims where they were very very good with York as the adjusting company.

So, I have no fear about writing a policy or dealing with Dongbu as claimant.


Major Changes To Commercial Property Insurance Policies

iso-logoISO (“Insurance Services Office – development of standardized insurance policy language” Wikipedia) has a new commercial property filing.  The 2012 filing changes both policy forms and endorsements.  The forms have an edition date of October 2012.  Since the changes include both broadening and reduction of coverage, every commercial building owner and landlord should be aware of the changes to his insurance coverage. 

In the Commercial Property program, there are 16 major policy form changes, and 27 endorsement changes (including new and revised endorsements). The Insurance Services Office (ISO) filed the Commercial Property revisions for a target adoption date countrywide of April 1, 2013. Many states have already approved the filing. Regardless of the adoption date for each state, the forms will have an edition date of “10 12.” [Example: CP 00 10 10 12]

We will only list a few of the main changes that we feel are important for building owners and landlords. Feel free to download a complete list of all the changes at the end of this article. Read more

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