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Why It Pays for Mortgage Brokers to Understand the Ins & Outs of Commercial Insurance

All real estate transactions can be complex, but commercial real estate deals can often be fraught with even more requirements and contingencies, all of which have the potential to stall the entire process. Beyond the financing itself, one element that most often threatens to kill commercial real estate deals before they close involves commercial insurance. Unfortunately, when an insurance problem arises due to lack of compliance, the delays can become tedious and lengthy. This most often occurs because the mortgage broker in question is not completely familiar with the requirements as they relate to commercial insurance. Read more


Wouldn’t it be great if insurance inspections wouldn’t result in costly recommendations with a lot of work and tight deadlines?

What if you can eliminate the inspection all together?

Evergreen has launched a Master Investors Policy (MIP) program and made it available to the average real estate investor. With this program you will benefit some great features, like:

  • No physical property inspections!! (This means no costly recommendations ever!)
  • Add and remove locations instantly online, same day.
  • You will only be billed for the amount of days you hold on to a property.
  • No early cancellation penalties.
  • The MIP program allows all types of occupancies on the same policy. Vacant, Renovations, Fully Occupied, Commercial (even bars), Residential, Mixed Use, etc.
  • No surcharge for renovations!


If you own, rehab or flip multiple buildings a year and want peace of mind, then this MIP program is for you!

For more information on the MIP program or for a free quote call us today at:

or email us at
one of our licensed agents will get back to you within 4 hours!

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