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Is Your Property Insured Against Terrorism?

Is Your Property Insured Against TerrorismIt’s a subject that no one wants to think of, and yet, if you own a commercial property, you ought to think about whether it’s insured against acts of terrorism. The 9/11 terrorist attacks resulted in almost 3,000 deaths and approximately $44 billion in insured losses in today’s dollars. While we all pray that such an attack will never again take place, commercial property owners must make certain that they are adequately protected in the event that the unthinkable should occur.


Terrorism Risk Insurance Act and What It Means for You Read more

Moving Parts That Can Hold Up a Real Estate Closing

10 minutes in to this interview Michael asks the million dollar question. Mortgage brokers are always trying to close their deals FAST. But there are all these 3rd party components that need to fall into place, that are out of their hands.

Title, environmental, financials, property Insurance, etc.

While Evergreen can’t help with all the above, when it come’s to property insurance, you can rest assure that when working with Evergreen, your closing will not be held up due to insurance.

Evergreen works closely with mortgage brokers and lending institutions, to assure all bank requirements are met. We also negotiate directly with the banks on certain coverage’s.

If you are refinancing or buying a new building, contact Evergreen today.

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