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Here’s How You Can Make Apartment Building Insurance Work for You

So, you’re in the market for quality apartment building insurance, huh?  Congratulations!  You’ve just proven how smart of a building owner you really are!

But if you’re really smart, you’ll use that insurance policy to your full advantage by doing these 3 things:

Pick the right deductible

Even if you never got A’s in math, it’s important to come up with a “magic number” for your apartment building insurance deductible.  If your deductible is too high, it does you no good to have insurance.  After all, if you can’t afford to pay it, you’ll never get to take advantage of your coverage!

That being said, don’t pay sky-high premiums just to have a teeny-tiny deductible.  That’s a monthly strain your budget doesn’t need!

Look at separate coverages

If you’ve got a pool, a gym, or a security gate, you’ll have to see how (or even if!) those things are included in your apartment building insurance.  It’s better to ask some questions now than to find out none of those things are covered later!

Don’t forget about your employees

Mother Nature isn’t the only one who can be a real pain.  Your employees might cause problems that can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right liability insurance.  With apartment employees handling everything from basic repairs to common-area cleaning duties, all it takes is one simple mistake to turn into a major lawsuit!

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