Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management Welcomes New Vice President of Corporate Development

Robert J Horowitz, VP of Corporate Development at Evergreen Insurance

Robert J Horowitz, VP of Corporate Development at Evergreen Insurance

Monsey, NY, June  2017 – Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management (www.trustevergreen.com), today announced the appointment of Robert J. Horowitz as Vice President of Corporate Development.  Mr. Horowitz joins Evergreen Insurance with more than a decade of experience in insurance development, private equity and corporate finance.   In this position, Mr. Horowitz will be responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions , corporate strategy and identifying and implementing additional revenue streams for Evergreen.

“We are very gratified to have an executive and corporate development professional of Mr. Horowitz’s caliber choose to join the Evergreen team,” said Izzy Green, Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Insurance. “2017 is a transformational year for Evergreen, as we continue to grow the business. Robert’s proven track record of execution within mergers and acquisitions and corporate development will be critical to effectively achieving our business objectives.”

“Joining the Evergreen Insurance team is a tremendous opportunity,” said Robert Horowitz. “Evergreen has built an incredible organization and brand which is widely recognized as a thought leader in the real estate sector.  The company has been growing at an extremely fast pace. I am looking forward to assisting and positively impacting the continued growth of the organization.”

Izzy Green - Evergreen, CEO (right) Welcoming Robert Horoitz (left)

Izzy Green – Evergreen, CEO (right) Welcoming Robert Horowitz (left)

Mr. Horowitz has completed over $500 Million of investment transactions. Robert has extensive experience in corporate development, joint ventures, merger and acquisition, and financing transactions that achieved corporate priorities and created significant value for shareholders at Merrill Lynch & Co., Spencer Trask Ventures and Four Springs Capital, LLC.

Robert was most recently the Chief Operating Officer at Borden Perlman Salisbury & Kelly – a Top-100 privately owned insurance agency, based in New Jersey. While at Borden Perlman, Robert led efforts to improve the monetization of existing business activities, expanded revenue streams, and designed new business models and strategies. His additional responsibilities included overseeing all Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resource and Legal functions of the organization.

Mr. Horowitz graduated with honorary distinction from both, Seton Hall University where he completed his Undergraduate Bachelors of Science and Rutgers University where he received his M.B.A.

Robert will report directly to Evergreen CEO, Izzy Green.

Our COO Alan Pollak Featured in the NYREJ as Executive of the Month

Shown (from left) are: Izzy Green, CEO; Alan Pollak, COO; and Sol Eisenberg, partner and co-founder

The Evergreen Partners

Shown (from left) are: Izzy Green, CEO; Alan Pollak, COO; and Sol Eisenberg, partner and co-founder

Executive of the Month: Pollak of Evergreen Insurance sees tremendous growth for the firm

Alan Pollak, COO Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management

Alan Pollak, Evergreen Insurance

Rockland County, NY The New York Real Estate Journal recently sat down with Alan Pollak, COO and partner at Evergreen Insurance (www.trustevergreen.com), an insurance agency that focuses solely on investment real estate, for a question and answer session.

Q: Tell me about Evergreen Insurance.

A: Evergreen Insurance was founded in 2009 by Izzy Green and Sol Eisenberg. While they began the firm as a generalist insurance agency and had built a decent-sized client base by 2011, they made the decision to sell their book of business and start fresh within the niche market of investment real estate insurance. It was a big risk at the time, but they took the plunge and it paid off. Today, Evergreen Insurance is a leading national insurance agency for investment real estate, and our portfolio includes everything from small rental units to large apartment buildings, shopping centers and commercial buildings.

Q: What differentiates Evergreen Insurance?

A: Three factors, all related to our real estate niche:

1. We live and breathe real estate. We speak the same language as investors; our staff understand the due diligence process well; and banks and mortgage brokers love to work with us for that reason.

2. There are thousands of insurance companies and programs out there, each with a different specialty and appetite for risk. We know exactly which insurance companies are good for each type of real estate risk. This cannot be said about a generalist. If you’re selling insurance to pharmacies, warehouses and churches as well as real estate, you can’t possibly know the insurance market as well as an agency that is solely focused on real estate.

3. We take clients with a few thousand units and we revamp their entire insurance portfolio and write custom policies for them. One recent example is a client who rehabs rental apartments and has more than 50 insurance policies with different expirations dates and coverages. The processing for each building they purchased and sold was a nightmare. We put them on a single reporting form insurance program specifically designed for rehabbers and flippers, one on which all adding and removing of properties could be done online.

Q: Is there a minimum size policy one needs to use Evergreen Insurance?

A: No, we write anything that is investment real estate, down to a single-family rental property. A significant part of our small business division is below $2,000 in premiums. Izzy likes to say, “We don’t look at premiums, we looks at clients. A customer is a customer no matter how large or small the premium is. If it fits our niche, they will get the highest level of service.”

Izzy Green, Evergreen CEO at a claim in Texas

Izzy Green (left) on site at a claim in Texas

Q: 2016 was an exciting year for Evergreen Insurance with a 60% growth to your book of business. Tell us more about Evergreen’s rapid growth.

A: In 2016, Evergreen experienced very dynamic growth in both direct sales and offices. We moved to a larger office across the street and are now looking to open another office in the Midwest. We also closed on a successful insurance acquisition in 2016 which is a very exciting path to be on.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge when selling investment property insurance?

A: The balance between offering the client the cheapest insurance, yet making sure they have great coverage. Most clients don’t think about claims when purchasing insurance, yet when they do have a claim on an item they declined to purchase coverage for, the claim will be declined.

Q: When did you join the company?

A: I joined Evergreen as an equity partner in early 2015. Izzy and Sol liked the 15+ years of experience I had in my career as an acquisition and due diligence analyst for a real estate investment fund and my business experience as an owner of a successful payroll service. It’s been a great ride and I’m happy I made the move.

Q: What trends do you see in the market for real estate insurance?

A: Insurance premiums are down and that’s a good thing, but do expect to see an increase in premium during the second half of 2017 and in 2018. I would not be surprised if premiums increase as much as 12%-15% over the next 18 months.

Q: What do you consider the largest driving force of Evergreen’s success?

A: Our team, both on the executive level and the team on the ground. Hiring the right people is key, and we spend enormous resources finding the right talent.

Q: What’s the single most important feature you look for in an employee?

A: Good work attitude – it makes all the difference. I can train someone for anything technical and how to do the job, but I can’t train or force a good attitude.

Q: What is in the cards for the next 12 months?

A: Acquisitions. We purchased an agency in 2016 and we plan on closing on a few more this year. With each acquisition we gain access to new local markets around the country.

Q: Can you give us an example of how you were able to deliver better than any other insurance agency?

A: I’d love to. One that stands out recently is a garden style apartment complex with 3,500 units in San Antonio, TX. We saved our client $250,000 in annual premium, and coverage was superior. This is a typical example of how we do better than your Main St. agent selling real estate insurance. A week after we bound the policy, the client had a large fire in one building with a few million dollars loss. Izzy and Sol were on a plane the next day and met the insurance company at the damaged building; payout was fast, and there was no need for a public adjuster because our claims department acted as one. You do not get that from a Main St. agent. We saved the client a ton of money on this claim because there was no need for him to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on hiring a public adjuster.


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Miracles at Evergreen Insurance

Miracles at Evergreen InsuranceRockland County, NYFor any other insurance agency it would have been the stuff of nightmares.

It began with a frantic phone call on the morning of April 19th from a client, the head of a NYC group that purchases building in New York for Japanese investors. He needed insurance for a $10 million apartment building he was buying in Manhattan. Complicating the situation was the fact that this was a mixed-use building that hosts a high-end restaurant on its first floor. Insurers balk at covering buildings with restaurants, either significantly upping the cost of their coverage or refusing it outright.

But that wasn’t even his biggest problem.

Because it was a cash deal, the buyer had completely forgotten about taking out insurance on the building. And… he had already closed. Obtaining insurance on the building, normally a 2-3 week procedure, had to be completed NOW!

Unfazed, the underwriters at Evergreen Insurance and Risk Management got right to work. Before the day was out the client had a great coverage plan in place, and at an attractive price to boot. They even got the insurance company to agree to backdate coverage to the purchase date. It’s all in a day’s work for the insurance experts at Evergreen.

Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management Acquires New Jersey Based Insurance Agency

Izzy Green and Tom Sheridan

Izzy Green and Tom Sheridan

Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management, a leading national insurance brokerage for investment real estate announced today that it has acquired the assets of Sheridan & Company Group LLC and T.J. Sheridan & Co., Inc. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The deal closed September 7, 2016.  Headquartered in northern New Jersey with a satellite office in Las Vegas, NV, Sheridan is a commercial lines insurance provider, with a very large concentration on investment property insurance, real estate insurance and condo association insurance. Read more

Evergreen Insurance announces expansion with new office space

Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management New Offices

Rockland County, NY – Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management today announced the relocation to new office space to accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion plans.  The new office space located at 25 Robert Pitt Drive, Suite 200-F, Monsey, NY 10952 is across the street from the old space and will provide capacity for increased customer support, sales and services and leadership functions across the company.

According to CEO Izzy Green, “This is a perfect time for us to relocate. The new development will enable us to accommodate our clients more effectively and efficiently. The office space was designed with advanced technology to better serve our clients and staff”.

Working with Naomi Mamiye Interior Design, the firm designed the new office suite to include enhanced staff facilities and an improved work environment; “What the firm wanted, we were able to provide. There was a true synergy throughout the whole planning process”.

This expansion comes one year after Alan Pollak, COO joined Evergreen.  “We have seen the company grow by double digit numbers in the past 12 months and I am very excited about this move” says Sol Eisenberg, Evergreen’s co-founder.


Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management was founded in 2009 by Izzy Green & Sol Eisenberg and has since grown to become the leading national provider for investment property & real estate insurance. Evergreen has been prominently featured in many leading real estate publications as the real estate and building insurance experts. 

Four Categories of Real Estate Insurance

Four Categories of Real Estate InsuranceReal estate insurance is a topic that is vital to any successful real estate investment, yet it’s a topic that many property owners often overlook until it’s too late. In the event of a loss, whether it’s a partial or a complete loss, if your property isn’t insured properly, your business could be financially devastated. Making certain that you have the right type and sufficient amount of insurance allows you to protect against potential losses. Part of making sure that you have the right insurance is understanding the various categories of real estate insurance.

Flood Insurance Property

This type of insurance is typically only necessary if your property is located Read more

Evergreen Welcome’s Alan Pollak as COO

Evergreen Insurance IconEvergreen Insurance announced that it has hired Alan Pollak as its new Chief Operating Officer, Izzy Green, the company’s CEO said on Thursday.

Alan is the perfect addition to the Evergreen group,” Izzy said. “With a focus on operational efficiency, Alan is uniquely qualified to drive strategic initiatives and accountability within the organization. I have tremendous confidence that Alan’s leadership skills and results-driven approach will be extremely valuable as Evergreen continues to grow.”

Chief Operating Officer Alan will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring companywide alignment with competitive strategies to enhance marketplace execution and service delivery to Evergreen’s 2,200 customers.

Alan spent seven years as head of new ventures for Berkley Properties, a real estate investment firm with a portfolio of residential and commercial holdings nationwide.  In 2008, Alan founded ASP Payroll Service and recently sold the company to a strategic acquirer.

“I love real estate and I am a strong believer in delivering a personalized customer experience and involving team members in the company’s vision,” Alan said. “It’s exciting to join a company with values that align with my own.”

What Is Coinsurance and What Do You Need to Know About It?

What Is CoinsuranceWhether you need property insurance for a building that you recently purchased or you’re shopping around for new insurance, you may encounter a variety of terms that leave you somewhat puzzled. One of those terms is coinsurance.

It’s not unusual for policyholders to face a penalty if they fail to purchase a sufficient amount of insurance. That penalty is referred to as coinsurance. You might rightfully wonder why an insurance carrier would care about the amount of insurance that you purchase. The reason is related to the ratio of insurance to value, or the limit of insurance to the value of the subject property. Read more

Evergreen Chosen as the Must-Know for Real Estate Insurance

Ami LogoAmi Magazine has a special issue focused on Real Estate. Part of it is the ’10 Must-Know Names in Real Estate’

I’m glad That Evergreen was chosen as the must-know for Real Estate Insurance.


Download article:
Evergreen Chosen as the Must-Know for Real Estate Insurance

Insurance Clauses in Commercial Leases 101

Insurance Clauses in Commercial Leases 101Signed commercial leases are often the result of a significant amount of negotiation between multiple parties, including the landlords, brokers, tenants, and their attorneys. The goal of each party in this type of negotiation is to pass on as much liability and responsibility for the property as possible to the other party. Of course, it’s virtually impossible for all parties to eliminate all risk. At this point during the negotiation, the subjects of insurance coverages and clauses typically arise. The amount and type of insurance required as part of the clause in a commercial lease will depend upon the type of lease that’s involved. For this reason, it’s extremely important for both property owners and tenants to understand exactly which type of lease is involved in the relevant negotiations. Read more

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